Friday, December 12, 2008

A Winning Streak.....

At last I can reveal something I learnt about months ago. My entry in the Down Under Quilts annual Bernina Blankets of Love Competition was selected as one of the four finalists. How exciting is that. Below is my entry and below that, the cover of the featuring magazine which includes photos of the four finalist quilts, plus the winner. I've been published!!

My prize included a 12 month subscription to the magazine as well as the Kaffe Fassett Fabrics and book pictured below.

To continue with this lucky streak, below is the lovely Anni Downs book "The World as it should be", which I won in a combined blog giveaway from Anni Downs of Hatched & Patched, and Carey from Blueberry Lane Designs. Thank you Anni for this wonderful book full of lovely patterns and to Carey for giving me the opportunity to win it on your blog.

I also have the pleasure of welcoming Jules from See Bull Sew as the third and final participant in my PIF. Jules is a newly wed in Canada, and new to blogland so pop on over and say hi. I'll have my gifts jetting off worldwide, how exciting is that, wish I could go see the sights too.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Well the green minkee is sandwiched and ready for some quilting. I'm hoping to get it done and in the mail Monday. Let's see?? In the meantime, I thought you might like to know about the couple of giveaways I've come across. There is one at Em's Scrapbag, for Em's 100th posting. The other one is at Daisy Quilts, for Robyn's one year anniversary.

Now; I've got the label there, if I've done it right you should be able to click on it and arrive safely at Daisy Quilts. If not it's linked to 'Daisy Quilts' above. See what happens. Oh, and I've had another signup for my PIF. Yay! Welcome to Ulla from Ulla's Fibre Blog. I'll have craft jetting off to Sweden, how exciting. Room for one more yet...

Saturday, December 6, 2008

A little bit of christmas........

Here we have an approximately 8ish year old ufo. Despite the previous list of to do's I decided that I wanted to indulge in a little bit of Christmas stitching and dug this up and finished it. Considering the short amount of time it took to finish and how nice it looks; it's a shame I didn't dig it up sooner. But anyways; I'm pleased as punch to be able to hang it up for this Christmas.
I have an Aunt who has even more UFO's than I have, as a matter fact I have very few in comparison. I might just send her a photo and challenge her to have a dig too. Anyone else up for the challenge?

I was also pleased to have Kris from Quilted Simple sign up for my PIF. I was beginning to feel a wee bit neglected so I was very happy to hear from Kris. I'm still open for two more lovely people to join in. If not I might just have to make my own choices and surprise someone with a gift.

Till next time .......... happy stitching!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Gifts....

On the first day of Christmas my mother made for me (my teachers)........
five lovely fabric mug bags.

On the second day of Christmas my mother made for me (my friends)..........
eight stunning crazy patch hangers.
On the third day of Christmas my mother made for me..............
a hairy wookee costume for the school concert.
On the next day of Christmas I'm back to joining the green minkee squares together so that that quilt will meet it's deadline and be finished for a Christmas gift. Then I have two more mug bags waiting in the queue to be made as well.
Still no takers on my PIF. I know we're all busy just now but we'll soon be looking for things to do and we have 365 days to do it. I'm getting lots of practice at making giftees.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Try, try again......

Yeh; I did it!! I have successfully uploaded the pay it forward logo. The rules I did last night. All I need now is for someone to sign up.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Pay It Forward.....

I've done it! I joined up for Shelley's Pay It Forward; something I've considered but never done. I'd love for someone to comment and join in with me too. All I have to do now is work out how to transcribe the rules for you to follow. Here goes!

So, how does this work?
Well, for the first 3 people who will post a comment to this post, I will make you a lovely handmade gift each.
But, you must have a blog yourself, and be willing to pass the 'pay it forward' concept on. So you will then have to put it on your blog and make three gifts for other people.
Let's spread some happiness and have some fun!
So the rules state that I have 365 days (ample time!) to make a gift in. I'm more than happy to send something internationally - so everyone can be involved!!
What better way for everyone to join hands around the globe and share our crafty goodness!!!So... get typing, leave a comment and even if you aren't in the first three... it doesn't hurt to start your own chain of PIF's
So, I wonder who will be my 3 PIF recipients???

Alright, so I got the rules but not the picture! You can't have everything can you. But anyway, you all know what I'm talkin about, so I'd love someone to join in, just to prove I have visitors occassionally.

Friday, November 21, 2008

ALQS2 Swap

Here's the lovely quilt I received from Tina at needles-n-notions. I'm thrilled with my quilt and thoroughly enjoyed yet another swapping experience. I'm looking forward to signing up again next year. Once again I have been introduced to yet another fellow blogger - I wonder how many there are out there. My quilt is yet to be received by ??. I watch anxiously for an indication that it has arrived safely. Too much effort there for it to have gone astray!

This week has found us sweltering here. We have had some welcome rain but feel for our fellow Queenslanders who are almost being washed away. It has also been the last week of school for my oldest who has finished year 12 today. He's hoping to get into university next year. We hope sincerely that he can fulfil all his dreams and do well in life. As a Mum, I'm feeling a bit emotional about it all. Not sure why - fear of the unknown, getting old, just being silly I guess. He's still here, won't be going anywhere for months yet, so I guess I might get used to it. Have to make the most of our time. But in the mean time, while he's off to a party, I have to rely on my friends. I'm looking forward to hopefully spending some valuable stitching time with a valuable friend tomorrow.

For now - I might have to turn off the computer. The lights are inviting in bugs; perhaps a sign of more rain to come. I'm certainly not enjoying them crawling on me - and some of them bite!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


My angel swap goodies arrived at last and boy was I thrilled. Not only did I replace the "old" pincushion with several newies but I also scored some things that I had labeled as "I'm gonna make one of them". And - I received 6!! items, instead of 3. Talk about spoilt! These wonderful sewing necessities came to me all the way from Oklahoma from Debbie at Okie Needling. Now I'm all set - a pin cushion for anywhere I may want to sit. Thanks again Debbie!
And lookie here! Another finish. This is my ALQS2 contribution. I have sent it winging its way all the way over the seas to ???? I hope my partner likes it as much as I do. Made with lots of consideration and care and some of my hand dyed fabrics too. It has been a lot of fun being involved in these swaps and I look forward to doing it again. It is especially exciting watching everyone's creations everywhere and wondering which might be yours. Thanks to the hosts for doing such a wonderful job and adding a bit of fun to our stitching.

Monday, October 13, 2008

In the mail....

Just look what I got in the mail today! I was lucky enough to win Myra's giveaway over at tactile pleasures in fabric. I was just thrilled to bits and once again amazed at the generosity and thoughtfulness of people in blogland. And I got a threadkeeper; just like the other girls in the quilting gang; if anyone else wants one they'll have to call in on Myra for her tutorial. Look at all the bits and pieces I was sent! Thanks so much Myra.

And here's my little angel who is leaving me today to wing her way off to ??? as the third project for my stitcher's angel swap. I have enjoyed participating and am now looking forward to receiving my parcel in the mail. Thanks to Helen for organising the swap and also the ladies for their patterns they have shared with us. Best get busy on my ALQS2 swap quilt next; or that deadline will be here before I know it.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Here's a photo of the finished minkee as promised. I had intended to add another photo of the completed blue and white table runner too but it seems to have been misplaced in the computer somewhere - that is if I remembered to take it in the first place - I can't remember that bit either. I should be in bed but when it's left to me to turn off the computer, one just has to check all is well in blogland before one retires for the day. Night, night. :-)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Swap Update and Thank yous...

I have discovered the fun of swapping. Below is the beautiful bag and extra lovelies that Caryn
sent me all the way from USA. It makes me wonder how many quilting bloggers there are out there. In the three swaps, I have joined, all of my partners, either sending or receiving, are new to me. Despite the ever growing list of blogs I visit. What a great way to make new friends and share craft and happiness. If only the real world could be so friendly and happy. Caryn has also made me an extra bag which holds a miniature cutting mat so it all fits in for some portable stitching. What a great idea. Thanks so much Caryn, I will thoroughly enjoy my bag. And here's the bag and matching card I made for my partner Kim, also in USA. I hope that Kim gets as much enjoyment out her bag as I had making it for her.
Lastly is my first two projects for my Stitcher's Angel Swap. I have used two of the projects we have been given and am eagerly waiting to see what comes next before I decide what else to make. Natalie's Blue Wren's turned into Robin's when I stitched them in red to suit my partner's favourite colour. That could be taken as a hint, but won't help much considering there are 250 angels around the world. What an achievement in itself, to arrange a swap on such a grand scale. Who knows which of the lovelies I spy might be mine, or even if I have even discovered my partners blog. Guess someone out there is having a snicker.

Just to let you know. The pink minkee has been delivered and is now snuggling a new baby girl named Bridie. Will leave that for a photo for another day. Also Myra over at Tactile Pleasures is having a giveaway to celebrate reaching her 200th post. Will I ever make it that far? I've got a bit of time up my sleeve to think of a prize anyway.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Birthday Blogger.........

And here's another birthday blogger. Jane at Jane's Fabric and Quilts is celebrating her birthday with a generous giveaway and has a georgeous new puppy as well.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Just a short post. Have sent my bag off on a long journey somewhere over the seas. I hope it arrives safely and that ?? likes it. Am also on the last leg of the pink minkee quilt, hooray! Too many starts and not enough finishes.

Anna over at Around the Quilt Block has a generous giveaway going to celebrate her birthday.
Pop over and send her some bloggy birthday wishes.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Debutante Ball....

We seem to have such a hectic life at present, mainly keeping up with the commitments of our children. Last night we attended a "Debutante Ball", which is a traditional introduction of the ladies into society. Our eldest son partnered one of his high school friends and we were so proud of him, he looked very mature and handsome in his black suit. Above is a group photo of the fourteen debs and their partners. Royalty for a night!

And here's a sneak peak of my bag off to ??? I've visited my partners blog and tried to choose something I thought she would like, let's hope that I chose well.

I'd also like to thank all the lovely people calling by for a visit; its great to receive your comments.
Pop over and say hi to Helena at Syverkstan, she is having lots of giveaways as an opening to her new blog and sewing studio in Sweden. Another enjoyment of blogging - visiting other countries; seeing and sharing places that I otherwise would never have the opportunity to visit.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Another giveaway...

Here I am with another dull posting - no photos - but I just had to pop on and spread the word about a couple of giveaways. Quilting with Debi has some great prizes to share for her 200th post and Calamity Jane's Cottage has a lovely bag to giveaway. Can't see that I'm going to reach any great milestones soon, might have to invent my own reason. I'm pleased to say that I have received the odd comment, proving I've had a visitor now and then. That's great! And I didn't even have to tidy the house! My bag for the bag swap is done and I'm sewing the pink minkee together. Promise I'll be back soon with some photos to share.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Just a quickie to let you know that there is a giveaway here and here. Oh and the bag is coming along just great, almost done in fact. Sneak peek when I get to the camera next.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The way is clear...

I did it! I tidied up the last mess and even attended to a basket full of ironing. The way is clear for more sewing! I also finished sewing on the binding on our group quilt; and have finished all the blocks for the pink and white minkee quilt. Next on the agenda will be to sew the said minkee blocks together and to make a start on the bag for the bag swap.

If you would like to venture over to Lise's Hobbyblogg, she is one our blogging friends from afar who is having a giveaway for her 100th post.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I'm still here....

It's so long since I've made a posting; and I can't show what I've been up to. I've been sewing like mad, some very late nights; to get a secret project in the mail by the due date. I made it, however have nothing to show but bags under my eyes and a big mess to clean up so that I have room to start again. Is it keeping out of mischief or creating our own? Oh well, there are worse things we could be doing.
On the minkee front, I'm afraid they were pushed to the backbenches; however the green bears get carted around when I'm sitting waiting for kids etc. so there has been progress on their faces, and there are only ?? of the flower blocks that require their centres stitched on and all those blocks will be ready to be sewn together for the pink and white quilt.
I uploaded a photo of a kaleidoscope quilt I made as part of a workshop my quilt group did. It was a great experience to share and we were all amazed at the designs we turned out. My quilt started out as a piece of fabric with ships on it. If you look closely you can see a whole ship floating amongst the swirls hence naming the quilt "Lost at Sea". I thoroughly enjoyed making this quilt and would like to do it again.
On the blog front, Crafty Giveaways is having yet another giveaway in her attempt to make some room.
Hopefully won't be so long between posts next time.
Till then; "happy stitchin".

Monday, July 21, 2008

Giveaway Alert!!

Found a great giveaway at Debbie's Quilts and More, it's well worth the visit so pop over and say hi!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Photo update

Here's some photos, like I promised. The bears on the pink minkee are finished and waiting, the flowers have been started. As you can see there is a new minkee on the go too, nothing like a bit of variety to keep things interesting.

And here's a table runner I decided I had to add to the list; using up strippy bits from a log cabin quilt. I was going to wait till it was totally finished but thought that might keep you waiting too long.
butrfly2200 and Sue Daley designs both have giveaways on the go at the moment too. Never a dull moment in blogland!

Sunday, July 13, 2008


Blue Bird Quilts is having a great christmas in July giveaway. Pop over and share your christmas memories.

Friday, July 4, 2008

A Winning Week...

I haven't had time for photos but just had to share the news. The fun started out when I found out last week that I had won the draw on Gail Pan's blog. Wow! That's two lovely new patterns for me to use. Then my aunt arrived. Her birthday is two days before mine and we also share our love of crafts and patchwork. So it was off on a shopping spree for we two birthday girls. Patchwork shops of course! She left on Wednesday (which was my birthday); and then Thursday I ventured to the post office. What a very exciting visit that was! Firstly the quilt I had sent away for our patchwork group to raffle had arrived home safely and so beautifully done. Secondly, I received a couple of cards and a gift voucher for some new clothes for my birthday. Gail Pan's patterns arrived wrapped in special patchwork paper with a handmade card attached. They are both so lovely!! And last but not least - and the biggest surprise of all - was a copy of the new "Material Obsession" book which I discovered I had won from a Down Under Quilts Magazine competition I had entered. Funnily enough I had read only this week that someone else (can't remember who), had won the book from the competition and I thought at the time - oh well, guess I didn't win. What a surprise! And it is such a beautiful book full of so many lovely quilts - I would guarantee you would want to make them all!!

Mum arrived yesterday for a visit for a few days. We went kayaking again today. We are enjoying such lovely days its hard to believe its the middle of winter at times. Colder at night and in the morning though.

The minkee quilt is progressing - will update with some photos soon.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

From talent shows to haunted houses......

This is my youngest son who this week participated in our school talent quest by singing like Kermit the frog - "What a wonderful world". We all had a wonderfully entertaining, fun time.
This is my oldest (at least I think it's him under the mask). They were off to the high school disco with a haunted house theme.

A friend also off to the disco, wouldn't like to be treated by this one.

These two are the zombie fairies. The one on the right is Rachel, my daughter.

Oh, and the minkee progress, its still coming along. About half a face to go and have done several with the blanket stitch. What an interesting, fun week. Tomorrow it's Friday, off to patchwork to catch up with friends and do a bit more sewing.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Family, Friends, Fun.......and rain!

The long weekend end in June found us frollicking on the water. Here's a photo of the kids enjoying kayaking with friends.

But when if came time to sizzle the sausages for lunch, it decided to rain!

I have also been busy on the minkee quilt. Of the thirteen bears appliqued on the quilt, there are only one and a half more faces left to embroider. Next step - machine blanket stitch the bears.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

This one was for a boy.....

Here's a bright, colourful quilt I pieced for a new nephew. The animals are hand appliqued and the piecing includes a lot of hand dyed fabrics.
Off to patchwork group tomorrow - it must be Friday. Have embroidered the faces on about six bears for the new minkee quilt, just haven't got any photos to show for it yet. Oh; and I found another giveaway over on quiltygal's blog. Another newey to blogland, so pop over and make her feel welcome.

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Quilting B

Just a quickie update. While browsing my usual I have come across a wonderful giveaway over at The Quilting B . Hopefully this link will work, this is the first time I have tried to do it. cu

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Something different...

Here's the results of a felting workshop my daughter and I attended today. Above are felted soaps. The woolen covering is supposed to extend the use of the soap and exfolliate the skin. Then when it is finished with, you carefully slit the end and it can be used for a small bag for jewellery, a small gift pouch or a pouch for lavender for your drawer. Below is my second project, nuno felting. Which means that the felting is done onto a backing fabric to give extra strength for the purpose of use as a cushion etc.

The next photo is Rachel's second project. It is a felted table runner.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves today, and enjoyed this new craft experience; however I don't think it is something I will need to have a lot of. Will be tempted to dabble a little further though.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Another Baby Quilt

Here's a couple of photos of a cuddly flannelette shaggy quilt I made to use up some fabric from the cupboard. So quick and easy!

And here's something I'm proud of. A lovely orchid flower. One of the few things I haven't managed to kill....yet.
We're enjoying some much needed rainy weather at present, bringing the temperatures down lower too. Good stay in bed with a good book weather.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Baby Quilt

Here's a photo of a shopping spree I had - and better still at someone else's expense !! This collection was purchased to make a baby quilt for my sister inlaw; who wants it for her brother's expected baby. Obviously they have found out it is going to be a girl. The main quilt is made from minkee fabric and is so beautifully soft. The two pink cottons are from the bunnykins range. Below is a picture of the first one I made for her (my sister inlaw's) baby girl a couple of years ago, it will be interesting to see any differences the fabric choices make, although the colours are much the same. I'll have to remember to take a photo of the finished quilt this time too!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

A Little bit of patchwork

As a start to adding a bit of patchwork to my blog, here's a photo of a chenille cushion cover I made as a Christmas gift. The centre square has been embroidered on my sewing machine.
Friday tomorrow - and it's our patchwork group day - always a good day.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thought for the day

Forever Friday

I'm here!! I've been reading the blogs in blogland for some time now and wanted to join in the fun and participate in the sharing and swaps etc. Don't know that I'll have anything much to say that anyone will want to read, but anyway.
It took a lot of consideration in the decision of a name for the blog and I decided on Forever Friday because its a day that I look forward to in the real world. The last day of the week when you don't have that constant quandry of what to put on lunches and to have that uniform clean and ironed ready for school etc. You can leave a few things for tomorrow and just enjoy the time to yourself - sew if you haven't had time to all week. It's also the day of our fortnightly patchwork group get together. In blogland I can disappear for awhile - after all, it's forever friday!
The photo is an early morning shot from my front verandah, just to add a little life to the blog till I find something else to write about.