Saturday, December 6, 2008

A little bit of christmas........

Here we have an approximately 8ish year old ufo. Despite the previous list of to do's I decided that I wanted to indulge in a little bit of Christmas stitching and dug this up and finished it. Considering the short amount of time it took to finish and how nice it looks; it's a shame I didn't dig it up sooner. But anyways; I'm pleased as punch to be able to hang it up for this Christmas.
I have an Aunt who has even more UFO's than I have, as a matter fact I have very few in comparison. I might just send her a photo and challenge her to have a dig too. Anyone else up for the challenge?

I was also pleased to have Kris from Quilted Simple sign up for my PIF. I was beginning to feel a wee bit neglected so I was very happy to hear from Kris. I'm still open for two more lovely people to join in. If not I might just have to make my own choices and surprise someone with a gift.

Till next time .......... happy stitching!


Ulla said...

Hello Kerry

It would br great to be in your PIF.As it's Christmas preparations to do I can't annonce anything before Christmas but I do it in January.

I wish you a lovely Sunday.
Ulla in the north of Sweden

MYRA said...

Adorable little Christmas finish Kerri! Done, done, done!!! Good for you!
I'm already in a PIF exchange, but I hope you have some volunteers soon!
Happy stitchings!

Mary Grace McNamara said...

Hi Kerry, thanks for signing up for my giveaway!

Looks like your mom has been a busy little sew-er...gotta spell that with a "-" or else it ends up being something I would never call your mother, or anyone else for that matter! :)

Nice gifts you received from Myra too! Isn't she something?

I'm commenting on lots of posts at once. Hope you don't mind.

Don't fret about your PIF. It took me a while to fill mine up and now I have 4 people! I couldn't be happier because of who they are. And I have a whole year to get it done.

Come back and visit sometime and I'll do the same.

Merry Christmas!

Tracy said...

Hi Kerry, Just popped over to read your blog. My UFO's I wouldn't even dare to try to list. I'm also in the 4 seasons swap :)