Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The last two Brutus stitcheries are complete. I have even stitched another since. However, the camera is off on a trip with DD who is enjoying some time out with friends celebrating schoolies week. Not amongst all the troublesome teenagers we see on tv, thankfully!

Yes, DD has finished year 12 which means next year will see me being the mother of two university students. Ho hum! A sure sign of age creeping up on me, and possibly a bit of loneliness too. Will just have to do some more sewing, won't I.

So, I did some digging to find a photo of something I haven't shown, just so that I could do a post before another month flew by.

Below is the entry I made for this years Blankets of Love competition in the Down Under Quilts Magazine. The blue/green was the given fat quarter which I chose to cut up into a kaleidoscope mini and worked from there to get the required size. The orange is a butterfly and the row of yellow are snails. My crew didn't quite get the snails bit, but I told them I had an artistic licence to call them what I wanted! I must have missed the edition of the mag with the winners in ?? Has anyone seen it ?

You can see the butterfly better now.......

.......and talking about butterflies. I think it is terribly unjust that these pretties can flutter about looking so lovely, right in front of your nose; land on your plants for a bit, and next thing you know, your plant is being eaten alive by a big fat grub.