Thursday, May 15, 2008

Forever Friday

I'm here!! I've been reading the blogs in blogland for some time now and wanted to join in the fun and participate in the sharing and swaps etc. Don't know that I'll have anything much to say that anyone will want to read, but anyway.
It took a lot of consideration in the decision of a name for the blog and I decided on Forever Friday because its a day that I look forward to in the real world. The last day of the week when you don't have that constant quandry of what to put on lunches and to have that uniform clean and ironed ready for school etc. You can leave a few things for tomorrow and just enjoy the time to yourself - sew if you haven't had time to all week. It's also the day of our fortnightly patchwork group get together. In blogland I can disappear for awhile - after all, it's forever friday!
The photo is an early morning shot from my front verandah, just to add a little life to the blog till I find something else to write about.