Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas......

It's one month exactly since I posted, hasn't time flown. Hope everyone is not feeling too damp to enjoy Christmas, and has someone special to share the day with. I know we may not all get to where we want to go, maybe not even me, but the main thing is to keep safe and make the most of however we spend the day.

Here's a photo of the table runner I made for my Mum for Christmas. Finished late last night. I know, I should have been better organised, but I couldn't make up my mind what I was giving her. It is made using the x-block ruler. It is easy to use and I really liked how it turned out.

.....and here's a photo of the water rushing down the creek in our back paddock. Bit of a change from last year I think.

Merry Christmas to all, and best wishes for the new year.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The last two Brutus stitcheries are complete. I have even stitched another since. However, the camera is off on a trip with DD who is enjoying some time out with friends celebrating schoolies week. Not amongst all the troublesome teenagers we see on tv, thankfully!

Yes, DD has finished year 12 which means next year will see me being the mother of two university students. Ho hum! A sure sign of age creeping up on me, and possibly a bit of loneliness too. Will just have to do some more sewing, won't I.

So, I did some digging to find a photo of something I haven't shown, just so that I could do a post before another month flew by.

Below is the entry I made for this years Blankets of Love competition in the Down Under Quilts Magazine. The blue/green was the given fat quarter which I chose to cut up into a kaleidoscope mini and worked from there to get the required size. The orange is a butterfly and the row of yellow are snails. My crew didn't quite get the snails bit, but I told them I had an artistic licence to call them what I wanted! I must have missed the edition of the mag with the winners in ?? Has anyone seen it ?

You can see the butterfly better now.......

.......and talking about butterflies. I think it is terribly unjust that these pretties can flutter about looking so lovely, right in front of your nose; land on your plants for a bit, and next thing you know, your plant is being eaten alive by a big fat grub.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Done and Dusted.....

Gee.....just in the knick of time, before the start of a new month.....

Book work done........check
Washing done.......check
Ironing done.......check

Time for a visit to the sewing machine with a quick project that I found while prowling round blogland.

Here's Santa......
If you would like to make one of your own, here's where you will find him...... Pinwheel Ponders.

Best of luck with the Melbourne Cup!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Brutus and the birds....

Here I am again with another Red Brolly stitchery. Ain't it just so darn cute. I'm looking forward to putting them all together. I've got one more ready to go and then it's see what else Bronwyn has for us on the 6th. In the mean time, I have some bookwork to catch up on, so might be a bit longer with the next one.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Brutus.....

Here's my next Red Brolly stitchery.....

........and in between taking the first photo and putting it on the blog, I stitched another one. Two more to go and I'm up to date. One more design to come, I believe.

Here's a photo of a bag that I made a while back. Don't think I have shown it on here.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Annual Art Show.....

"Reach for the Stars" was my entry in the local Art Exhibition with the theme this year of "Aim High". I'm thrilled to be able to report that I achieved a Highly Commended for my efforts. This quilt was fun to do.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Here's Brutus

I know........... it has been ages. I just spotted the computer chair empty and dashed in, in the middle of getting tea ready and all. This is my fourth catalicious stitchery. Number 8 is in today! That's not too bad going. Delivered my quilt for the local art exhibition this afternoon too, so shouldn't be too far away with a picture of that. Just to prove that I'm not totally unproductive.

Best get back to the kitchen, and out of the way of homework too.


Friday, June 25, 2010

More of Brutus...

Time just seems to be getting away quicker than I can blink an eye. Just popping in to show that despite having not blogged or read blogs for ages, I have still been stitching a bit. Here's pics of two more of Red Brolly's catalicious designs. I chose to do the colours because I liked everyone's but decided to go that way, but I can see the advantages to one colour stitching too. It sure would make it easier. But, nuff said, these have turned out lovely. Now to trace another or two. Can't wait to see the end result.

.........and this little bundle of seven is just another reason for time getting away. At four weeks old they need to be run around and fed just as much as the people version do at the moment.

With the school holidays upon us, I'm not sure when I'll be back. I need to wipe the camera and recharge ready for some holiday snaps. I'm off to visit my sister, so that should prove to be fun. Happy holidays to those who are having them!

Monday, May 10, 2010

In the mail...

Look at what the mailman delivered to me. I recently won a giveaway from Lyn of Bluebird Quilts. The above is a photo of the trouble Lyn went to with the packaging. These delightful little parcels are what I pulled out of the mail bag......and below, a picture of what was inside the little parcels. Lyn's new pattern, some lovely fat quarters, and more little dolls everywhere. Aren't they just so cute! Thanks Lyn, for sending me such a lovely gift.
I hope everyone had an enjoyable Mother's Day. I was spoilt with a beautiful card from DS no.1. Breakfast was cooked by DH and DD. We then went out for lunch with both our own mother's as well. That was great. A nice meal, no washing up, champagne for the Mothers! Below is a pic of the gifts I made which was one of the patterns from Among the Gum Trees, special for Mother's Day. The embroidery was done through the week, but I had to sneak around to get the hangers done with Mother in-law in the house! Tea that night was a simple affair, whatever anyone felt like after the lunchtime meal, and then I was treated to a footspa, massage and pedicure while stitching in front of a favourite on tv. Isn't it lovely when the kids are of an age to spoil me so!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Here's Brutus.....

Here's my first block of Red Brolly's catalicious BOM.
Sorry, I decided to leave the washing and ironing until they were all done. Have traced the next two and looking forward to seeing no. 4, but have sidetracked over to Among the Gum Trees to get a couple of their projects done for Mother's Day. So much inspiration, just need to leave the computer alone long enough to achieve!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another month done....

Almost another month gone by, but I do have something to show. We had our local show on the 17th and I got busy and finished this stitchery pattern by Lynette Anderson. I'm pleased with how it looks, and was even lucky enough to find a frame the right size and shape.

This one was done by Rachel. She needed a birthday gift for her best friend's birthday and with the holidays coming up, I convinced her she had time to make her a gift. We chose this pattern from Wildcraft Farm, being especially appropriate for that driver's licence age.

What's more, we were both lucky enough to score first prize places with our works of art!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Treats.....

The Easter Bunny has come early and look what I got. A lovely mat complete with pockets filled with goodies! Our annual Christmas swap got delayed by life itself, but what a bargain, we scored Easter as well! My Mat was made by BF Narelle, and below is Bitsy Bunny which I made for Narelle. I was clever enough to come up with a name for the said bunny when Helen from Hugs'n Kisses, designed the pattern and was looking for a name. So that meant there was a bunny pattern in the mail for me! Ain't she just so darn cute! I think so; and I also think I will need to make another so that there is one for me too.

Last day of school for the kids today. That means a break from school lunches, early mornings and rushing for the bus. Hooray! It also means that I might not be back in blogland for a bit as there tends to be someone else on the computer during these times. The oldest son also comes home from uni for a few days, tomorrow. Though I think he will be exhausted from his studies and assignments, is celebrating his birthday with friends tonight before coming home, and still has to study while he is home for an upcoming exam, first day back. It will be lovely to have him home for his actual birthday. How nice it is to have Easter fall early this year! Last year he had exams on his birthday and wasn't home. That's life I guess.

Anyways, Happy Easter to all, and I'll be sure to be visiting when I get the chance.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Team Effort.....

We visited again with my stitching Aunt on the weekend so I took my camera to photograph a quilt we worked on together on a visit over the Christmas holidays. It was a team effort which also had Rachel (DD) helping too. When I left last time, all the short trams were done and the top was in three large pieces. This is progress to date, with only one more border left to go. And no, we weren't there for even a week when we did this. It was a marathon effort over three days, with trips to town for supplies thrown in too! Both fun and satisfying!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another catch-up.....

Here's a photo of the Christmas Tree Angel I made from "Creating Country Threads", a couple of editions before Christmas. That means though, that I think I have showed all there is to show and I had better get busy and get to some more sewing. I think this year should be named the year of the ufo cause there are too many unfinished things hoarded away. But there are too many other lovelies that I want to play with too !!!

Something I thought I would share from a magazine I read recently. They advised that if you went over your receipts with a highlighter pen, it would save them from fading...............I thought it was interesting anyways. ~ :-)

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Catching up.....

Like everyone, I have not been sewing for awhile and been an inefficient blogger too. Here's a photo of "My Bleeding Heart" which was my entry in our local art show October last year. We had to use a certain amount of red, and the theme was Our Passion. But the theme of the art exhibition was the year of the blood donor. Hence.....My Bleeding Heart. I thought it was a good idea anyway. And here's a photo of a new addition born on the 30th of December. Ain't she cute, on those long wobbly legs!
Will try not to be missing so long next time. Kids back to school now, life returns to normal.