Saturday, May 31, 2008

Something different...

Here's the results of a felting workshop my daughter and I attended today. Above are felted soaps. The woolen covering is supposed to extend the use of the soap and exfolliate the skin. Then when it is finished with, you carefully slit the end and it can be used for a small bag for jewellery, a small gift pouch or a pouch for lavender for your drawer. Below is my second project, nuno felting. Which means that the felting is done onto a backing fabric to give extra strength for the purpose of use as a cushion etc.

The next photo is Rachel's second project. It is a felted table runner.

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves today, and enjoyed this new craft experience; however I don't think it is something I will need to have a lot of. Will be tempted to dabble a little further though.


Ribbonwiz said...

Hi kerry.
Thanks for your comment,
I have you in the draw.
I tried felting ,but I just could not get into it, yours looks great.

Narelle said...

Clever Girls, I saw the soaps done at the Sew What's Crafty.
Really like your red/blue with black and Rachels is cool.

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