Monday, April 20, 2009

Catching Up.....

Well here it is, almost a month since my last post...hope everyone has had a nice Easter break. The kids are back to school again tomorrow so I guess it's time to straighten the house a bit and get back to normal again. GST to finish before anymore mischief can start, but as you can see, I have been busy.....and without a computer for awhile too, so that didn't help.

This cushion was the gift I made for my partner in the Easter swap. It arrived safely into the hands of Helena who seems happy with it, although I was concerned about making something for a published pattern designer though. Waiting for it to arrive is always a worry too!

My monochromatic quilt arrived at last! It was down to the last three to be posted and I was wondering. It came to me all the way from......Narelle! Anyone who visits on occassion would know that Narelle is mentioned on a regular basis and is only about 50 minutes away. She must have nearly busted every time I discussed the swap with her! And what a coincidence to get me as a partner in such a wide swap draw anyway! So here it is! My monochromatic quilt in purple. Doesn't it look so nice upon my wall. Thank you so much sneaky friend!

Mind you, she was probably only getting back at me for doing the same for her with her birthday present. Below is the runner that was supposed to be for Christmas but was somewhat delayed! I had it all wrapped up with extras in time for her birthday, sent from afar it seemed!
Just as well I got it done before the monochromatic was due, or I might have gotten an IOU in the mail instead!!

Well, that's pretty much it for now. Hopefully it won't be so long till I'm back again. The computer is back, but they said they could find nothing wrong?? It has however misbehaved again since being home only a few days. It just turns off all of a sudden in the middle of whatever, and sometimes just won't come back on for a day even?? Computers?? A mystery of the modern world. So, if back soon.


Simone de Klerk said...

I love the cushion you made! Very pretty indeed. And what a funny story with your monochromatic swap! The tabel runner is lovely too!

Narelle said...

I'm very proud of my new table runner and happy to be a little sneaky in the name of friendship.
Hope the computer behaves for you, missed your posts.

Lindi said...

Your cushion cover is beautiful. You should be proud of it.

Myra said...

The cushion cover is absolutely darling... 8-)

I just bought a pattern book to make wall-quilts such as this monochromatic quilt. Kewl! 8-)

Sneaky Narelle... 8-)

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