Thursday, April 1, 2010

Easter Treats.....

The Easter Bunny has come early and look what I got. A lovely mat complete with pockets filled with goodies! Our annual Christmas swap got delayed by life itself, but what a bargain, we scored Easter as well! My Mat was made by BF Narelle, and below is Bitsy Bunny which I made for Narelle. I was clever enough to come up with a name for the said bunny when Helen from Hugs'n Kisses, designed the pattern and was looking for a name. So that meant there was a bunny pattern in the mail for me! Ain't she just so darn cute! I think so; and I also think I will need to make another so that there is one for me too.

Last day of school for the kids today. That means a break from school lunches, early mornings and rushing for the bus. Hooray! It also means that I might not be back in blogland for a bit as there tends to be someone else on the computer during these times. The oldest son also comes home from uni for a few days, tomorrow. Though I think he will be exhausted from his studies and assignments, is celebrating his birthday with friends tonight before coming home, and still has to study while he is home for an upcoming exam, first day back. It will be lovely to have him home for his actual birthday. How nice it is to have Easter fall early this year! Last year he had exams on his birthday and wasn't home. That's life I guess.

Anyways, Happy Easter to all, and I'll be sure to be visiting when I get the chance.


Narelle said...

Bitsy Bunny has a new name and have a look at what she's been up to!

retdairyqueen said...

Just had a look around your blog
I also wanted to thankyou for the part you played in the quilt that Bluebird Lyn made for me
It was so apreciated
Hugs Illene

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